About Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty

About Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty

Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty was born out of a commitment to outstanding service in real estate. This branch of Coldwell Banker was created by a group of passionate and driven individuals who have grown up in Costa Rica and have lived in this area of the Nicoya peninsula. Each member holds a vast amount of experience in the real estate market and related areas. The peninsula of Nicoya offers some of the most breathtaking and unique locations, ranging from majestic farmlands and forests to luxurious penthouses with spectacular views.

Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty are the perfect guides to help you find the best opportunity at the right price. Our team is motivated to connect buyers with their dream homes and properties as well as representing sellers interested in putting their properties on the market. 

Founded by Elizabeth Gómez, Nyo Akerson & Rom Akerson, this team offers clients a wealth of industry experience and genuine enthusiasm for real estate. Visit Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty and find out what makes it stand out above the rest.


Our Founders


Elizabeth Gomez


Born and raised in the scenic landscapes of Costa Rica, Eli is not only the esteemed Founder and Broker for Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty but also a dedicated mother of two daughters. Guided by her love for family and driven by the belief that everything she does is for them, Eli's professional journey is a reflection of her commitment to providing the best life for her children. With over 6 years of specialization in the captivating Nicoya Peninsula's real estate market, she possesses unparalleled knowledge of Santa Teresa, Malpais, Montezuma, Tambor, and surrounding areas.

Drawn by her passion for nature and the mesmerizing coastline, Eli relocated to Santa Teresa nine years ago. This personal journey not only deepened her connection with the area but also ignited her unwavering dedication to showcasing its beauty to others.

Eli's genuine love for good, healthy food and an active lifestyle is evident in her well-rounded approach to life. Beyond her real estate expertise, her commitment to a healthy way of living translates into her personal and professional life. Eli's knowledge of the local area extends beyond properties, and she is always happy to share insights into healthy living and well-being, ensuring her clients feel at home and engaged in the vibrant Costa Rican community.

As a fitness enthusiast and StrongFirst certified fitness instructor, Eli's commitment to an active lifestyle extends beyond her profession. Embracing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mountain biking, she finds harmony in the blend of adventure and wellness, embodying the essence of the vibrant Costa Rican spirit.

Her desire to continuously evolve as a broker and business owner led her to establish this branch. Eli's motivation is not only to fulfill her aspirations but also to enrich her family's life and contribute positively to the community. For her, real estate is a personal mission to empower others in attaining their dream property and embracing a fulfilling, active life in this captivating region.


Stream Nyo Akerson


Proud father of two and a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Nyo is passionate for nature, extreme sports, and the outdoors. Born and raised in Costa Rica, he quickly developed a relationship with ecological practices and building with an environmentally conscious approach. Nyo enjoys designing and building structures in more creative, efficient, and innovative ways with the least amount of impact to the environment. He has led several eco-friendly building projects, most recently focused on the further development of the Los Vivos Beachfront Experience and Glamping. Cost effectiveness plays an important role in Nyo’s building approach. He strongly believes when you are able to keep costs down, you are also generally able to keep the environmental impact down as well. 

These passions have led Nyo to join Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty as a business partner. He is looking forward to connecting buyers and sellers of real estate to a network of local, small businesses that are using locally sourced materials in eco-friendly ways for building and development. He advocates for business individuals who are just in their practices and pricing models. His role in Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty is to structure a well-developed office and commercial space where these elements are easily attainable. Nyo also sees this as a key opportunity to act in the interest of the community through environmentally conscious and prosperous development.


Rom Kanga Akerson


A two-time World Champion Xterra Triathlon racer and four-time National Champion of Costa Rica, Rom has dedicated the last 13 years to being a professional triathlete. He learned to ride his bike and became an athlete within the mountainous jungles and lush coastlines of the Nicoyan peninsula and throughout Costa Rica. As a national Costa Rican, he proudly represents the country and is eager to facilitate connections with other athletes and  individuals coming to the area who share a passion for thriving in tropical terrain. He continues to identify himself as an athlete while developing his entrepreneurial portfolio to include various individual and family businesses.

Rom is one of the Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty  business partners. His focuses are connecting both local and international buyers and sellers of real estate with Eli and Eduardo directly. In doing so, he hopes to help develop and guide the surrounding communities in a positive, flourishing manner. A single-father of two, Rom is inspired to use the success of Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty as a way to sponsor young and upcoming athletes in the area. He believes that through the interaction of being an athlete, one is faced with many opportunities to become a better human and work hard to make an individual’s dream a reality. He strives to share the insights he has gained from this environment with others in a supportive manner.

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