Living in Paradise

Living in Paradise

Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty | 12th August 2022 | Share
Living in Paradise

Living in Paradise


Have you ever imagined yourself waking up not with an alarm clock, but instead to the sounds of wildlife outside your window? Somewhere where you are centered around multicolored sunrises and sunsets. A place where you can disconnect from a face-paced environment and truly have the time to focus on yourself and your well-being. 


I am sure you have, but felt that this lifestyle seemed too far out of reach or could only be enjoyed during short spans of time while vacationing. We are here to tell you that this is NOT just a fantasy and CAN be your long-term reality if you desire it to be! 


The Coldwell Banker Sunset Reef Realty office is centrally located in the heart of Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is a quaint beach town, popular to surfers and travelers alike. Our agents are servicing this area as well as the Nicoya Peninsula as a whole. Santa Teresa is nestled in the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The town is composed of a beautiful blend between both local and foreign influence. Here you can find surfers, yogis, travelers, couples, and families mixed in throughout this remote, eclectic, and tropical coastline. The surrounding towns to Santa Teresa include Playa Hermosa, Santiago, Manzanillo, Mal País, Montezuma, San Isidro, Las Delicias, Tambor, Cabuya, and more. Each holds a wide range of unique features and that complete the majesty of what is this part of the peninsula. A wonderland and utopia of dense green flora, the region offers some of the best views and experiences the country has to offer.


One theory for the origin of the name Nicoya comes from the Nahuatl word Necoclau, from necoc, "on both sides," and lau, "sea," denoting the peninsular condition of the region. The peninsula is enclosed by the Gulf of Nicoya on the innermost part and the Pacific Ocean along its outer edge. Which means warm waters and perfect waves all year round!


Decades of Cattle raising has shaped much of the landscape to include a steep-sided and densely forested inner mountain range. The most noted features of the peninsula are, of course, its beaches and wildlife. The coastline is an expansion of magnificent beaches with dramatic coastal scenery, and small villages, each with its own charm. Home to the most spectacular natural phenomenons, from turtle hatcheries to subterranean cave systems, bird watching hotspots, and maritime treasures. Many of these facets are legally protected in the various nature reserves throughout the peninsula. The varying ecosystems provide habitat for numerous plant species and wildlife to thrive. 


There are so many positive attributes this area encompasses but one of its most prized is its ‘reason to live’. This area is considered a blue zone, one of only five places in the world, where people live longer than average and well into their 100’s. It propels a positive outlook and care for its elders and keeps them active so they are able to live a long, healthy life. Another key to their longevity is having a strong focus on family and a special ability to listen and laugh. Nicoyan centenarians often visit with neighbors and tend to live with families and children or grandchildren who provide them with support, as well as a sense of purpose. This essence carries on through all ages and areas of the peninsula. 


With a commitment to sustainability, natural beauty, and thriving in a vibrant culture different from what you have experienced before, the Nicoya Peninsula is by far one of the best places in the world to call home. Integration of both a balanced residential and commercial growth, and the maintenance of the natural beauty of the tropical environment, have been a vital factor in this part of the peninsula’s development and desirability as a place to invest in and live. The large amount of homes and lands available reflect the best qualities of Costa Rica. Our brokerage manages properties that suit every taste, from lots to luxury villas, and everything in between. Our agents work diligently to find the perfect place that will fit your every need!


What is it like to live in paradise? Due to national zoning restrictions, the beaches are always considered public and protected zones, which means there is no obstruction by high-rise structures. The backdrop remains as lush and pristine as ever, where nature is genuinely experienced as part of daily life. This area exudes a heavy emphasis on sustainability and is complementary to living a healthy lifestyle more so than in other tropical locations. Organic markets and green initiatives such as regular beach clean ups and water-keeping, add to the key components of daily life centered around living consciously amongst nature. 


The southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula is also a great place for families. The availability of modern amenities, the presence of bilingual schools, and various neighborhood-type communities are just some of the reasons why there is an increasing number of families regularly relocating here and calling it their home. 

There is a vast range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed just outside your front door. Santa Teresa is known as one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. Additionally, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing an activity for the day. Scuba diving, seasonal whale watching, stand-up paddle-boarding, visiting waterfalls, hiking through the nearby wildlife reserves, checking out the zipline canopies, and mountain biking are just some activities to mention without even scratching the surface. Nothing compares to a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset as a reminder of just how valuable the serenity and peacefulness of this coastal area truly is.


The Nicoya Peninsula has a well established expat community which has resulted in a large number of English speakers – both expat and local. This aids in many facets from an investment standpoint as this area is very familiar with the dealing of individuals from all cultural backgrounds. Daily transactions can be handled without much of a hassle if you are new to the area and do not yet speak Spanish. The residents of the area are always so open and willing to help newcomers as they visit or begin to settle in.

With a local and developing economy, these towns are still very heavily dependent on the tourist trade in order to survive. This area of the peninsula has built several established communities whose plan for growth is well controlled in order to meet the needs of residents both now and in the future.


Check out the property listings on our website to see what is currently available in the area and connect with our many skilled, experienced, and friendly agents to ready guide you through the process of transitioning to paradise. You can officially stop daydreaming and add catching endless waves and life-changing sunsets to the top of your To-Do List!


 The Nicoya peninsula is home to it all and welcomes you to bask in its beauty and bliss. 

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